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 What are Singing Waiters you ask? Well let us tell you!!!!!

Singing Waiters also known as :- 

Waiters who Sing, Singers who waiter, Secret Singers, Surprise Singers, Undercover Singers.

As Singing Waiters we will circulate the room posing as Waiting Staff serving your guests with food & beverages. We will serve and make polite conversation with all of your Wedding/Event guests. Once we are satisfied that your guests have fallen for our waiter service disguise we will create a Scenario (various scenarios to be chosen by client). Once the  scenario has been acted  out we will then entertain your guests with a interactive party performance. 


Every party is different.

Contacting the venue -

We contact the venue to confirm their exact dress code, so that we can blend in perfectly with their serving staff. 

Arrival Times & Performance Times -

We arrange the arrival times with our client. We will remain inconspicuous to ensure none of your guests spot us. This also gives us the chance to set up our equipment and perform a sound check at the venue. We will then make ourselves blend in ready to WOW your guests with the surprise scenario. 


 No 1 North East Singing Waiters - Secret Singers.


 Interactive - Encouraging audience participation (Sing-along & Dancing)

Role Play - Can use a member of your Wedding party to be incorporated in the main scenario. (Knowingly or Unknowingly).

Party Atmosphere - We can create that party atmosphere guaranteeing you and all your guests a day to remember.